After a strong start despite Corona the zombie blockbuster Peninsula is also coming to German cinemas

After a strong start despite Corona: the zombie blockbuster “Peninsula” is also coming to German cinemas

After the “Train To Busan” sequel “Peninsula” just got off to a strong start in Asian cinemas, the film has now also been announced for Germany: The time has come in October – in the cinema!

Distribution Splendid Film is bringing “Peninsula” to German cinemas from October 8, 2020. This means that zombie film fans can look forward to seeing the sequel to “Train To Busan” on the big screen in this country too.

Distribution Splendid Film is bringing “Peninsula” to German cinemas from October 8, 2020.

“Peninsula” just hit the headlines because the horror action thriller grossed $ 20 million in a total of five Asian markets on the first weekend – more money than any other film currently in the world.

Cinema release despite Corona: courage was rewarded

In the home country South Korea alone, 13.2 million dollars were recorded. That is well below the start of its predecessor “Train To Busan” (around 24 million dollars), but in times of limited audience numbers, even in South Korea, it is a strong house number.

The South Korean distributor stuck to the theatrical release of the expensive blockbuster production, although other projects of this magnitude are being postponed worldwide. This courage was rewarded with the starting numbers and many experts cmovieshd that “Peninsula” could become a hit similar to its predecessor “Train To Busan”, especially due to the lack of competition.

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This is what “Peninsula” is all about

“Peninsula” takes place four years after the events in “Train To Busan”. The virus that turns people into zombies has long since spread across the entire Korean peninsula. Several people try to flee outside the country and have to defend themselves not only against the zombies, but also against the ruthless military.

So we will soon be able to see “Peninsula” in German cinemas. The predecessor “Train To Busan” is now available from the usual streaming providers. On Amazon, the film is currently even part of the Home Of Horror Channel, which you can test for free for 14 days. *