Ian Somerhalder in Legacies The Vampire Diaries star tells us whether we meet again Damon

Ian Somerhalder in “Legacies”? The “Vampire Diaries” star tells us whether we meet again Damon

With “Legacies” already the second spin-off goes to “Vampire Diaries”. Could it is come to a reunion with original star Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore To launch the Netflix series “V Wars” we have time demand at the source.

Eight seasons Ian Somerhalder has brought as a bloodsucker Damon Salvatore in “Vampire Diaries” as some fan-hearts melt. Only two years after the end of the television hits has Somerhalder “V Wars” now directly the next vampire series at the start. Did he thus finally concluded with Damon? Or maybe there is still the chance that he will celebrate a day in the second “Vampire Diaries” offshoot “Legacies” a comeback, as hoped for by many fans?

On the occasion of the upcoming “V Wars” -Starts we simply times demand directly personally Somerhalder. However, his response is likely to provide some broken hearts …

Rejection of Damon return

Attention, followed spoiler at the end of “Vampire Diaries”!

Attention, followed spoiler at the end of “Vampire Diaries”!

Somerhalder lost only benevolent words about “Legacies” and described the series as “bad-ass” and its characters as “fucking cool”. Nevertheless, one must not make any hope at ease that he will show up even once in the spin-off:

“I doubt that we will see in Damon, Legacies’,” the 40-year-old in FILM STARTS interview.

“I doubt that we Damon, Legacies will see ‘”

Although (ex-) vampire Damon, lives after the end of “Vampire Diaries” continues in the small town of Mystic Falls in the now “Legacies” plays for Somerhalder the figure in the “Vampire Diaries” finale but get their perfect ending.

In the final minutes of “Vampire Diaries” we see how Damon is reunited after a long common life with Elena (Nina Dobrev) in the hereafter with his dead brother Stefan (Paul Wesley). These emotional farewell will not tarnish with a sudden reappearance of Damon in “Legacies” Somerhalder revealed.

“The iconic figures Damon and Stefan scene was forever immortalized in this final, when Damon comes to the house, Stefan opens the door and the two embrace,” said Somerhalder us. “This is the last time for me is that we see them.”

Comeback most behind the camera

As a small consolation but Somerhalder told us that it is a return to the “Vampire Diaries” universe could well imagine a different way – and behind the camera:

“I would like to lead a series [, Legacies’] direction, that would be a great pleasure -. Like a trip back in time”

“I would like to lead a series [, Legacies’] direction, that would be a great pleasure -. Like a trip back in time”

This would make it Somerhalder emulate his series-brother Paul “Stefan” Wesley, who has staged the 13th episode of the first “Legacies” season while alleging Damon cast a blast had. Somerhalder himself would also bring already relevant experience for the job, but he was already in three episodes of “Vampire Diaries” and a “V Wars” episode on the director’s chair. Vampire diaries online

Once the actor entirely on his new series “V Wars” wants to concentrate, but perhaps it will soon yes actually a small comeback in the “Vampire Diaries” -Kosmos as “Legacies” director. And who knows: If he is ever on the set, maybe he can still bring themselves to at least times short as to run through the picture Damon.

“Vampire Diaries” movie with old Salvatore brothers?

Jokingly referred Somerhalder way still it but give a scenario in which he could imagine a reunion with Damon – namely a “Vampire Diaries” movie, in which he and Stefan sit as old men on fire before the Salvatore estate, Whiskey drink and reminisce. This may sound abseitig, but fans would be certainly satisfied with it – provided the old Damon will be played again from Somerhalder (in makeup or in many years).

“V Wars” in which Somerhalder time does not become a bloodsucker, but instead a vampire plague wants to fight, will start on December 5, 2019 at Netflix. The first season of “Legacies” there is meanwhile every Thursday at 20:15 at Sixx to see in the US is already running Season.