Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

NASA boasts a powerful SLS rocket that will take humans to the Moon and Mars

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American Space Agency has just published a nice and warm even photographs of one of the most powerful rocket, which mankind has built. Thanks to it we will be able to explore objects in the solar system.In the pictures we can see the first stage rocket from Space Launch System already installed four RS-25 engines. Work on the construction of the vehicle accelerated strongly in recent times. This was due to the US government announced a plan to return to the moon and build a colony there first. NASA hurry, because the flight to the natural satellite of our planet is to take place already in 2024. Rocket to a large extent will be ready by the end of next year. The head of NASA intends to first carry out three successful flight take-offs and their powerful rocket Space Launch System. The first flight is scheduled for 2021 years of unmanned Orion into orbit around the moon. The second goes like, but on board the capsule will no longer were astronauts, while in the third, NASA plans to use the SLS rocket carrying an unmanned mission to Europe, the moon of Jupiter. Americans plan that only after three flights Space Launch System rocket will be ready to send into orbit the first lunar module Lunar Spaceport. Thanks to him, the astronauts will be able to carry out research, both on board and on the lunar surface. When building a new home spacecraft will be completed, then it will be able to replace the International Space Station. Interestingly, it will have the ability to move between lunar orbit and the Earth. NASA has already ordered from Boeing until 6 Orion capsules, through which US astronauts will be able both to fly on board the International Space Station, and we fly around the Moon, and even go on an alien planet. NASA announced that the program return to the moon, you will need to use 4 rockets. One of them will be the SLS, and the three other vehicles belonging to private companies. It is almost certain that one of them will be from the SpaceX rocket Starship. Its task will be the launch of one of the modules of the lunar lander, which will be submitted to the pile already in orbit. NASA also revealed that during the first in the twenty-first century people landing on the moon, on its surface come two people. Although still do not know who would receive this honor, it is now certain that the first woman come down to the surface. A pair of astronauts to remain on the surface for almost seven days and carry out important research of this fascinating object. The exploration has advanced rover help them.It is also not certain where he will land, but talking about around the south pole of the moon (probably Shackleton crater). There are shaded craters where water ice is accumulated. As you probably guessed, the astronauts married his samples and will try to take advantage of water, oxygen and hydrogen to the needs of its functioning there.

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