Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

New dangerous malware already on thousands of computers. Check whether you are a victim

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Thousands of Windows computers worldwide have been infected with a new type of virus, which itself retrieves from the network and installs the necessary software for financial fraud. Divergent Nodersok or, as they call the malware respectively Talos Microsoft and Cisco, was first spotted this summer, distributed through malicious ads, which forced the downloads HTA (HTML application) on computers. Users who launch these files, initiated a multi-step process of infecting software, including Excel scripts, JavaScript and PowerShell, which then download and even install just Nodersok / Divergent.This malware is quite complex and consists of several components, with different roles. And yes, PowerShell module attempts to disable Windows Defender and Windows Update, and we have such responsible for obtaining permits to access the system. His part is also two legal applications, ie. WinDivert and Node.js, the first is used to interact with the telecom package, and the second is a popular tool JavaScript developer. It is from them begins with a computer infection, but Microsoft and Cisco have different views on what happens next.According to the Redmond giant malware changes the infected computer into a proxy server to redirect suspicious traffic while Cisco believes that it is used for fraudulent click-fraud. Either way, your computer is infected there awaits us no good, because, as always in the case of malware based on client-server architecture, the authors can at any time use their access to carry out additional tasks, such as adding us another malicious software, for example. a hazardous during online banking. As Microsoft discovered malware is Windows Defender on our PC with Windows should be able to notice it, but the company still recommends extreme caution – do not run any file HTA found on the computer, especially if you do not know their origin, and the best in general any that suddenly appeared on our devices. You have to remember, however, that the calculations of both companies that Nodersok in recent weeks has already infected thousands of equipment, mainly in the United States and Europe. Is, therefore, we are so careless? Yes, but you must remember that malware is based on two legal applications, so sometimes much more difficult to figure out that something is wrong.

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