Once Upon A Time In Hollywood This Easter Eggs hidden in Tarantinos film

“Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood”: This Easter Eggs hidden in Tarantino’s film

Quentin Tarantino is known to pack a lot of references to other films and winking references to real characters and places in his films. “Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” is no exception. Here are the best Easter Eggs:

Quentin Tarantino loves to fill his films until it stops with references to other movies or real people and places. And of course, his own works relate to each other. About the black and yellow track suit the bride from “Kill Bill Vol.1” is known to be a reference to the outfit Bruce Lee in “Bruce Lee – Game of Death”, Vincent Vega (John Travolta) from “Pulp Fiction” is obviously the brother Vic Vegas (Michael Madsen) from “reservoir Dogs” – the list is long and, of course, never fully complete, because with his encyclopedic film knowledge builds Tarantino also like obscure references, which sometimes notice until years after the release of the film an alert mind. We have now made it, for you the best Easter Eggs from “Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” gather up.

We have now made it, for you the best Easter Eggs from “Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” gather up.

We talked, like the term “Easter Egg” – ie egg – stating look at hidden references that you find CAN, but must. Thus, about places and characters fall out, their added value is as Easter Egg only that they real exist (ed) s – this is about for George Spahn and his ranch or at the El Coyote Cafe, where Sharon Tate in the movie as well dined in reality on the evening of Manson attack. Also references that you can not readily understand how the background of Sharon Tate cinema (Tarantino once tried also to look at a movie theater “True Romance” and nothing was rejected), we have ignored.

We talked, like the term “Easter Egg” – ie egg – stating look at hidden references that you find CAN, but must.

Likewise, of course, compounds that seemed to us a bit thin – there are plenty of ideas about how the lyrics from the “Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” is – refer soundtrack to the film’s plot – connections for which one of our understanding sometimes takes a lot of imagination. Instead, we have caught us the references suggest the unique bridges between films or between films and reality – the more, the better.

Instead, we have caught us the references suggest the unique bridges between films or between films and reality – the more, the better.


Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), among others, action star Burt Reynolds and his stunt double Hal Needham are modeled, which were also in TV Western front of the camera and lived together for ten years.

Burt Reynolds should according to the original intent Tarantino in “Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” play the role of George Spahn, but unfortunately died before suffering a heart attack. His role took over Bruce Dern, who was involved also with “FBI” and “Gunsmoke” and 1969 – ie at the time of “Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” – even in the Western series “Lancer” it was that in Tarantino’s film is being shot.

In one scene, the “Lancer” set, we see James Stacy (Timothy Olyphant), who is leaving on a motorbike. A meaningless pregnant picture – because Stacy crashed hard with a motorcycle of the same type 1,973th His girlfriend died in the accident, Stacy even lost an arm and a leg.


In the opening scene of the film Rick Dalton and his stunt double Cliff Booth be interviewed for television on the set. This set might be familiar Tarantino fans – it is in fact also be used as a western town in “Django Unchained”, as Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) shoots the sheriff of the city and collected the bounty for him because he was actually a wanted criminal.

Even the colorful walls at the airport in Los Angeles at Ricks and Cliffs return from Rome Tarantino has ever used with great effect, namely in the opening scene of his film “Jackie Brown”:

When Sharon Tate goes with her friends on the evening of Manson-attack food, they notice near the restaurant a crowd gathered in front of a sex cinema. Cinema, Eros, there was really at this point. Today it is Tarantino: He bought the property in 2007 and owns and operates its own cinema, the New Beverly.

In Italy, Rick Dalton turns next to Sergio Corbucci with another actually existing director named Antonio Margheriti. This is the name used in Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” and Eli Roth’s character Donny Donowitz to smuggle in a gala evening full of Nazis. In the same scene, incidentally, are from Brad Pitt’s Aldo Raine as a stuntman – a role that he “… In Hollywood, Once Upon A Time” actually takes in.

In addition to these references, there is also a small indication of a film Roman Polanski: The novel, the Sharon Tate buys at a bookstore for her husband’s “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” by the English writer Thomas Hardy. Polanski adapted the book in 1979 with his film “Tess” for the screen and dedicated it to his murdered wife.


As Cliff Booth first sees the Manson follower Pussycat (Margaret Qualley) on the road, running in his car radio just the song “Mrs. Robinson “by Simon & Garfunkel. The song is known in particular from the movie “The Graduate”, which concerns (as in Booth and Pussycat indicated) about a relationship with a large difference in age.

Shortly before Pussycat has sung with their fellow Manson another song, namely “I’ll Never Say Never To Always”. This is a song that was written by Charles Manson and recorded. This fact had before temporarily to become a musician. This particular has a lot to do with the Tate murders, because after Manson’s music career was once stopped by the rejection of producer Terry Melcher only this as revenge all present in old Melchers house was killed. These were to Sharon Tate and her friends. Terry Melcher was also producer of the band Paul Revere & the Raiders, whose songs are heard several times in the film.

Also: butts, carts, children casting

In addition to the rollers themselves can also make an interesting observation on the cast: Many of the younger actresses in “Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” are subsidiaries of major Hollywood stars. Margaret Qualley (Pussycat) about is the daughter of Andie MacDowell, Maya Hawke (Flower Child), the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, Rumer Willis’ (Joanna Pettet) father is Bruce Willis and Harley Quinn Smith (Froggie) is the daughter of Kevin Smith. A little much for pure coincidence – Tarantino wanted to allude to a meta-level to a new generation in Hollywood here?

Cliff Booth runs most of the time in Rick Dalton’s car through the area – only home it goes in his own cart, a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. The same car also runs the Bride (Uma Thurman) in “Kill Bill Vol. 2” (and Uma Thurman had in this car its infamous set-accident). When Rick Dalton’s car is a cream-colored 1966 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, the actor and Tarantino-mate Michael Madsen and heard by him as VIc Vega in “Reservoir Dogs” is being driven.

And of course there are also two beloved Tarantino insiders in “Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” again at the start: the cigarette brand “Red Apple Cigarettes”, which appears among others in “Kill Bill Vol. 1” and “The Hateful 8” as well as the fast food chain “Big Kahuna Burger” which is probably the most out of “Pulp Fiction”, but also in “from Dusk Till Dawn,” “Four Rooms,” “reservoir Dogs” and “Death proof “occurs. The burger franchise is advertised on a poster, the cigarette brand comes several times before – including a credit scene in which Rick Dalton for coffin nails advertising makes similar something like this one of the role models for DiCaprio’s role, Steve McQueen: