A hacker broke into the settings of Tesla's autonomous vehicles and revealed interesting features This is another proof that you can easily break into the internal settings of the Tesla autonomous system and change the functions that are responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers while driving.

Well known to all Tesla fans, the hacker named Green decided to upload on his Twitter profile screenshots of his hacking into the internal settings of the Tesla autonomous system developer FSD (Full Self Drive). It turns out that there are very interesting information hidden there that the company did not want to disclose.

Green wrote that the FSD mode will be quite extensive. Such information is already visible in the panel. Those that are already activated are marked in green, cinema scanner those that will be introduced in the near future are inactive in gray. Of course, functions already activated can be deactivated and the vehicle behavior on the road can be influenced.

Such games can turn out to be very dangerous, because by modifying the settings, we deprive the autonomous technologies of the senses, on the basis of which they orientate themselves in the environment and allow them to travel safely in a vehicle.

A lot of settings ... pic.twitter.com/x52EO9tiP9

Green noted that the functions could disable the possibility of stopping completely before a stop sign. This means that, theoretically, the vehicle at the mark or line will slow down, but not come to a complete stop, just smoothly merge into right-of-way traffic. It's hard to say what's actually going to happen when we change the settings.

It is likely that such a function will be activated in the future as the autonomous technologies gain more experience, which will make driving smoother and the vehicle will not waste time over-obeying the rules, as human drivers do.

There's also a California Boost feature in Developer Mode, and even something called Chiropractor Adjust Skeleton. It is not known yet what they are for. Elon Musk announced that Tesle had reached its full 5th level of autonomy as early as next year. Then, anyone interested in traveling with their vehicle in full autonomous mode will be able to purchase such a boon for several thousand dollars.