A new and extremely effective weapon for destroying critical electronics has been developed American laboratories have developed an advanced and extremely effective weapon for destroying electronics. The Pentagon is already seriously interested in it, after all, the loss of valuable data for the enemy may end in a disaster.

During the IEEE Symposium on Security

Scientists explain that permanent damage to electronic devices is possible with the help of ultrasound of the appropriate frequency. During the attack, it causes the object to vibrate, which ends up damaging the platters and heads located in the hard drives. Since hard drives, not SSDs, are still the most widespread and most used in the world, such acoustic attacks can wreak unimaginable damage.

Engineers from the University of Michigan presented in their experiment and at the same time warned that an effective attack on disks could occur even through ordinary speakers built into desktops or laptops. But it is not everything. Properly selected acoustic signals can also easily disrupt the operation of CCTV cameras, with sounds emitted only from the smartphone's speakers.

In this way, cybercriminals or terrorists can craft an e-mail containing an audio or video file and harm the hard drive in the computers of companies or institutions or with the help of a smartphone, disrupt the operation of surveillance cameras.

Scientists have also developed an effective protection against such attacks. The software adds a new function to the head controller in the HDD, which is responsible for checking if they are in the right position. In the new software, it also checks the resulting vibrations associated with the acoustic attack. If the controller detects them, it immediately compensates for the movement of the heads or turns off the disk, thus protecting valuable data stored on it.

However, before the software is installed on most computers equipped with HDDs, there Close To Movies be a lot of water in the Vistula, so so far our valuable data is in great danger.