Amazon's superhero series shows the fake Avengers 4 - or is it the fake Justice League?

Short question: does a world in which superheroes are part of everyday life actually still need superhero films? Probably yes, we also watch disaster films. Superheroes on the news, all well and good. But cinema has a different narrative power.

The Boys Season 3 Avengers Parody: This is the Supes' "MCU" blockbuster

In The Boys season 3 we see the completed superhero blockbuster that Homelander, Starlight and Co. are working on in season 2. The film industry is an important part of the economy for Vought, the evil company in the Amazon series.

Showrunner Eric Kripke posted two posters of the ensemble cracker. Now the only question that remains is: Will this be more of a fake Avengers 4 or a fake Justice League?

Dawn of the 7 looks like Avengers 4, but it's pretty much a Justice League parody for sure

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And hopefully not an X-Men: Dark Phoenix. During the filming, which we got to watch from time to time in season 2, saw "Dawn of the Seven" by director Adam Bourke more like a DC movie that would have been released between 2013 and 2017.

The DC films stage their superheroes like demigods and that also corresponds more to the self-image of Homelander and Co. In addition, one of the Dawn producers wanted Hans Zimmer to be the composer for the film music.

In the picture here, the idea of ​​the Dawn of the Seven film is born, which at the time was very similar to another DC blockbuster: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The new posters are now clearly in the Marvel direction with their cheerfulness of color. The font and color background of "Vought Studios" supports the impression.

For comparison: the Captain Marvel poster

The poster looks much lighter and more colorful. As if someone had asked for a new mood after the gloomy first impressions.

Have there been any reshoots? Wasn't the first version of Dawn of the Seven funny enough for the producers? And does that mean there is the Bourke cut in season 4 of The Boys? In fact, the tonal revisions are even a theme in The Boys Season 2.

In a devastating storyline, we see Homelander the homosexual Queen Maeve out against their will, which Vought in turn instrumentalizes for PR purposes. The script of the film was 123SHOWS a superficial feminist coat of paint, the blockbuster should look more diverse. All of this operates under the slogan Girls get it done in the series.

The story from Dawn of the Seven up to its release will likely take up a large part of the plot. We can look forward to snappy satire against contemporary superhero blockbusters in season 3, The Boys.

What The Boys have ahead of Marvel and DC: On the podcast

In our podcast series Stream Flurry: Queer Cut, Max Wieseler and Andrea Wöger watch films and series through a queer lens. They are especially fond of The Boys:

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The Boys excels at dealing with queer characters and shows Marvel and DC how to do it right. While at Disney and the other major film studios meticulous care is taken not to scare off the conservative audience, The Boys is doing it all.

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