Dexter Returns: First picture of Michael C. Hall will put a smile on your face

The fact that the Dexter series is returning for a 9th season eight years after its finale already freaked fans out last year. Filming has meanwhile started and now the first photo with a serial killer smile made it to the public. And that should be a tremendous reassurance for many.

The first photo of Dexter's return reassures us: he's the old man again

As part of a presentation for ViacomCBS investors According to Popculture, a small group of people was shown the first short Dexter material yesterday. It doesn't reveal anything about the plot of the 10 new episodes, but pleases with a grinning Michael C. Hall:

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It is noticeable that the Dexter Morgan shown here is no longer the bearded lumberjack who offended so many fans in the series finale at the end of season 8. Michael C. Hall's figure is older in the photo, of course, but still seems to be the old one: shaved and (outwardly) the good-humored sunny boy who once made Miami's streets unsafe.

Dexter's view into the camera should also be taken into account, because this sought-after audience contact, which breaks through the fourth wall, was also the last picture WatchSeries the old Dexter finale (as well as part of the iconic intro). The fact that the first picture we see of season 9 is now a similar camera view has the effect of a poetic circular argument. A continuation of old strengths.

Dexter returns in season 9 - but in new surroundings

We learned some time ago that Season 9 would send Dexter to a place unsuitable for lumberjacks: He can now be found in New York State, in the small town of Iron Lake. Not only does it have a police station and high school, but it also has a new big Dexter villain.

Showrunner Clyde Phillips has already revealed that Dexter would be changed and more down-to-earth upon his return, but that his dark companion (aka serial killer instinct) would continue to linger by his side: "People will die" in Dexter. At the smile Michael C. Hall wears in the first picture, we believe it immediately.

The podcast for the Dexter series: We look back and ahead

Does the lousy ending of Dexter destroy the series? We don't think so. In the Moviepilot podcast Stream Flurry we discuss the unique series:

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We're looking at what makes Dexter so brilliant, what still annoys us about the series, and what wishes and expectations we have for season 9.

Are you happy about Michael C. Hall's return as Dexter and his "friendly" smile?