Disney showed a very realistically behaving robot Building more and more advanced robots is no longer the domain of the Japanese. For some time, Disney has been working on robots that will be able to replace actors in the near future.

The American film company has built an extremely realistic robot. It is even safe to say that it is currently a humanoid with the most realistic facial expressions in the world. His facial movements are almost such a faithful human copy that you may feel quite uncomfortable.

Although there are also other advanced robots in the world, such as the ATLAS humanoid from Boston Dynamics, most of them are improved primarily in terms of movement, because it is the most important issue in the development of robots. This should not come as a surprise, after all, it is more important that the robot is mobile, not beautiful, but standing still.

Meanwhile, Disney engineers and scientists at the University of Illinois focus primarily on facial expressions. For them, she is the key element of film characters, especially animated characters. On the footage published by the studio on its YouTube channel, you can see a humanoid in action and his disarming eyesight.

Most of the elements from which this machine was made were produced with a 3D printer. Disney revealed that work on the robot will continue. Interestingly, although the film does not show the movements of the rest of the humanoid's body, the engineers assure that they also surprise with their realism. Soon the machine will receive artificial leather, thanks to which many people can no longer distinguish it from a living human.