Furious Marvel Finale: The Big WandaVision Twist Will Reveal The Real Vision

The Marvel series WandaVision gave us in episode 8 the harrowing answer to the great mystery of Vision's existence. After his death in Avengers: Infinity War, Vision appeared to be back to life on the Avengers sitcom. The sad truth is: this vision was created by Wanda's Chaos Magic.

Vision's body, however, remained in the hands of the secret service S.W.O.R.D., who kept his 3 billion dollar body for their own purposes. In a credits scene, the fate of the real vision has now been revealed. S.W.O.R.D. rebuilt his Vibranium body and can now revive him. Will this white vision now become the new MCU vision?

White Vision: The WandaVision twist comes straight from the Marvel Comics

The colorless vision is not a reinvention of the MCU, but comes straight from the Marvel Comics. The colorless vision first appeared in the comic series Avengers: West Coast in 1989. Manipulated by the time traveler Immortus, a group of US government agents kidnapped Vision and dismantled its synthetoid bodies - does that remember Hayward?

With the help of Ant-Man Hank Pym, the divided body could be put back together and lost its previous color. However, this Vision 2.0 lacked all of the human emotions and personality that it received in its original creation of brain patterns of the hero Wonder Man.

While the new vision was also part of the Avengers, his relationship with Scarlet Witch was ended by this emotionally charged version - by which point she had already lost her children. Fortunately, in subsequent comic book appearances, Vision was slowly able to regain his emotions (and color).

WandaVision finally surprises with the appearance of the white Vision, which has long been suspected by Marvel fans. Here it is Hayward's secret project Cataract and his plan to convert Vision into a powerful weapon. So far, all attempts to bring it online have failed. Thanks to Wanda's magic remains on a drone, it was now possible.

Wanda-Vision vs White-Vision: The finale asks the watchmovies Avengers question

The expectations for the final of WandaVision are high. An epic battle of the double Avenger Vision with himself could promise exactly the MCU bombast that the series has been missing so far.

The appearance of White Vision will not only provide an opulent wow moment, but also the emotional climax of Wanda's grief.

More WandaVision highlights can be found in the recap video for episode 8:

Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) sooner or later has to let go of her magic created vision in order to destroy the hex. Should she now also have to fight the original body of Visions, the tragic end is inevitable.

However, the unveiling of the white vision also opens a back door for the first time, through which the feared and renewed death of Vision could be averted and he could become part of the MCU again. For that, Wanda just needs to find a way to unite the spirit of the Westview vision with the body of the White Vision.

Will the combination of both visions introduce a new Vision 2.0 in the MCU? In an interview with Collider, director Matt Shakman already revealed that the WandaVision finale will resolve the vision dilemma:

WandaVision episode 9: What to expect and in the grand finale of the Marvel series?

The series finale of WandaVision still has a few open questions to answer and at the same time has to build a bridge to the MCU film Doctor Strange 2, in which Wanda's story is continued. A fight between Wanda's Avengers family and Agatha Harkness as well as the fight of the 2 visions are just a few highlights that we can expect in episode 9.

According to WandaVision: All 17 new Marvel series at a glance

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Marvel fans are still puzzling over who could be the heralded mega-cameo in the WandaVision finale. At least we should lower our expectations a little after the unveiling of Vision 2.0 and take Paul Bettany's heated statements with caution:

Should it actually turn out that Paul Bettany was talking about himself here, then that would make him probably the greatest Marvel troll of all time. But even that can't spoil our anticipation for the crazy and epic WandaVision finale.

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What are your theories about the WandaVision finale?