Not only the Earth, but the entire universe is experiencing its The latest astronomical research shows that not only is the Earth getting hotter, but the same is happening to the entire space of the universe. Why is this happening?

Astronomers at Ohio State University have conducted extensive studies of various parts of the deep space. Their aim was to find out how the temperature of gas clouds has changed over the years. The research results surprised the scientists a lot and made them think.

It turns out that the gas clouds are getting hotter and hotter. Over the last 10 billion years, their temperature has increased 10 times. Scientists explain that this is the result of the expansion of the Universe and the creation in its space of new, often gigantic objects that generate a lot of heat.

Astronomers believe this trend will continue in the future. This means that the universe will become a hotter and hotter place. "As it evolves, the gravity of the universe pulls dark moviesfront and gas together to form galaxies and galaxy clusters," said Yi-Kuan Chiang, leader of the research team. It is the frictional effect that causes the temperature to rise. In some parts of the Universe the temperature is so high that it is difficult to compare it even to that of the Sun.

Scientists from Ohio State University in their research used data obtained as part of the implementation of the Sload Digital Sky Survey projects and the survey carried out with the help of the Planck satellite. It was fairly simple to calculate the temperatures of the various parts of space.

Researchers analyzed the distances between us and the hot gas clouds by measuring the redshift of the light they emit. Then it turned out that further objects, i.e. those created earlier, were much cooler than those closer to Earth, i.e. those that were created recently.