Skoda tests the display of personalized advertisements in cars Larger and larger info-entertainment screens appear in new cars. Skoda came up with the idea of ​​using them as advertising billboards. Automotive fans believe that the concern is crossing the border.

The idea is that the ads will be displayed on multimedia panels in new Skoda models. Most of them will be equipped with large and legible displays, so the company's authorities believe that they need to use their huge advertising potential as soon as possible. Brand fans and potential customers have a completely different opinion.

According to them, it's a very lousy and dangerous idea. Displaying advertisements for the driver while driving and distracting him from looking at the road may end tragically not only for him and the passengers, but also other road users. It may happen that the advertisement displayed while driving will freeze and prevent the proper functioning of the navigation, so that the driver will have to stop during the journey.

“We place maximum emphasis on customer benefits. We work with many partners, thanks to which we can provide our customers with a wide range of personalized offers, thus guaranteeing the best possible service, ”said Andre Wehner, Digital Director at Skoda Auto.

Skoda representatives want to serve advertisements to drivers that will allow them to save money. For example, personalized Skoda Marketplace ads are expected to appear when fuel is running out, we pass a store or it starts to snow. Then the advertisement will encourage the driver to stop filmfunbox the nearest gas station or supermarket and take advantage of the promotions offered. It should be similar in winter. In the event of snowfall, you can finally display an advertisement for tires, windshield wipers or means for removing snow and defrosting windows.

The published information shows that the solution will first be made available in the Czech Republic for the Scala, Kamiq, Superb, Karoq and Kodiaq models. Later, the service will also be available in other countries. Ads can be turned off, but using them will result in receiving special discounts and coupons for various products. They will be sent in the form of QR codes via the Skoda application on our smartphones, and later they can be redeemed in stores.