The code of the famous serial killer Zodiac has finally been broken… after 51 years The identity of the murderer hiding under the pseudonym of the zodiac remains unknown to this day, and more than 50 years had to pass until we were able to break the code he used in communication with the police and the media.

The zodiac is a nickname given to himself by the murderer prowling around San Francisco in the late 60's and 70's of the last century. Most likely, it comes from the name of a Swiss watchmaking company, because the killer used a symbol resembling the company's logo. The man confessed to murdering 37 people (5 victims could be confirmed), was never caught and became famous for letters sent to the press, with encrypted messages attached to them. And while the police had several types, Arthur Leigh Allen being the most serious, in the end no one was charged, and it took over 50 years to completely decode the Zodiac code.

Unfortunately, although the murderer announced that he was hiding his identity in coded messages, today we know that this is not true. Although some of the code and messages were decrypted years ago, the one sent to the San Francisco Chronicle in November 1969 remained a mystery until recently, mainly because it consisted of 340 characters. Despite the efforts of amateurs and crypto professionals as well as law enforcement, the content of the letter remained a mystery.

One of the people involved in this process was software engineer David Oranchak, who has been working on the code since 2006 - but only recently, with the help of Jarl Van Eycke's code cracking computer software called AZdecrypt, has he been able to make significant progress. It was quickly confirmed that the Zodiac decided to arrange symbols based on a whole set of rules, which made the code so difficult to break. At the starting point, the cryptographers had only short, deciphered phrases "trying to catch me" and "either to the gas chamber". Fortunately, with the help of new technologies, this rudimentary information turned out to be sufficient, and the about musics finally managed to read the entire message they gave the FBI, which reads as follows:

Hope you have a lot of fun trying to catch me

It wasn't me on TV

Which brings us to the fact about me

I am not afraid of the gas chamber

Because he'll send me to paradise sooner

Because I have enough slaves now

When everyone else has nothing, when they reach paradise

So they fear death

I am not afraid because I know my life is there

Life will be easy in the paradise of death.