The Dragon-2 capsule took four astronauts into orbit. This is a historic event Last night, NASA and SpaceX sent four astronauts to the International Space Station to join the space home crew. This is a great event in the history of the American space industry.

Originally, the launch was supposed to take place on November 15, but it was postponed by 24 hours due to unfavorable weather in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The SpaceX barge, Just Read The Instruction, had problems reaching the designated location where the first Falcon-9 rocket would try to land on it. We now know that this maneuver has been successfully completed.

While the Dragon-2 capsule demonstration mission was fully successful in May, it was not until last night that the first operational mission took place, opening a new chapter in the US manned orbit program. From now on, NASA can safely carry out flights to the space home from the territory of the United States and no longer depend on Russia for this matter.

The first operational flight involved three astronauts and one astronaut, namely Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, Soichi Noguchi, and Shannon Walker. Three of them are from the United States and one is from Japan. The US Space Agency informs that so far the mission is proceeding as planned. Within a dozen or so hours, the crew is to board the International Space Station and be greeted by its inhabitants.

The latest NASA / SpaceX mission is expected to last until next spring. Then all four are to return to Earth aboard the Dragon-2 capsule, and not the Soyuz capsule, as it has been so far. Soon, flights to the space home will also be all about movies using a Starliner vehicle from Boeing. A few days ago, information appeared in the media that this event may not take place until the second half of next year.

We remind you that at the end of 2021, SpaceX will have the most powerful space transport system ready, which is to deliver astronauts to the Moon and Mars. The first manned flight of Starship is scheduled for 2022. It is likely then that the Japanese artist and his friends will fly around the Moon.