Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

Samsung satellite crash-landed in someone’s backyard in Michigan

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Every day is easy to forget that we live in an era in which our heads over the years always a lot of expensive modern technology … until something suddenly landed in our backyard. As is clear from facebook post published by the local media Gratiot County Herald, that’s what happened on Saturday morning in Michigan. Local residents Nancy and Dan Mumby-Welke heard the bang outside the house and went out to see what had happened – then they discovered that their backyard crash landed (read: dropped from a great height) device with the Samsung logo, which looks like a satellite. It has to be part of Samsung Europe and is part of an advertising campaign Galaxy S10 5G called SpaceSelfie, which offers users the opportunity to do a cosmic selfie.As you can see we are not dealing with any satellite and according to the manufacturer’s equipment served only the purposes of marketing. All the action included SpaceSelfie start stratospheric balloon connected to a special container smartphone Galaxy S10, which was to be close to the load to a height of 20 km. After occupying the position had modern technology and allow users to take special selfie with the cosmos in the background … or at least that there were plans.However, as we know, it did not happen, and the design of the case landed in Michigan, where he could cause serious damage. The residents, who found it in your backyard, also saw a huge balloon blocked the surrounding electrical wires, which may throw some light on what happened. In short, instead of safely float to the lower stratosphere, the balloon was stuck on power lines, losing the way your load. And what is the main interest, namely Samsung, which could have huge problems if its design did hurt someone (probably because material losses easily cover)?A representative of the group somewhat downplayed the matter, assured that the company’s employees quickly left clean your device and in a statement the Detroit Free Press threw all the blame on unforeseen weather conditions, ensuring, however, that the action was planned: – Balloon SpaceSelfie belonging to the Samsung Europe returned today to the ground. During the planned descent in the United States weather conditions have changed, so the balloon had to land prematurely gently on the selected rural area. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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