Season 2 of Black Summer The Walking Dead from Netflix continues

Season 2 of “Black Summer”: The “Walking Dead” from Netflix continues

“Black Summer” Netflix has launched this year its very own “The Walking Dead” at the start. Now it is clear that the prequel to the remote zombie series “Z Nation” gets a second season.

In Germany the Netflix zombie series “Black Summer” was a little under the radar. At least in the UK, where Netflix meanwhile was somewhat more transparent in terms of polling numbers, the zombie series, however, was in their Release date (April 2019) at the top of the most-watched series. In addition, it was on top of another praise of horror guru Stephen King.

Overall, it was with Netflix at the end with the audience definitely happy enough now to be a second season of “Black Summer” in order.

a second season of “Black Summer” in order
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Consolation for “Z Nation” fans

Especially for fans of “Z Nation” (its fifth and final season recently ended only when Netflix), the “Black Summer” as extension cord a small consolation, it is in the series but a “Z Nation” -Vorgeschichte in which the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse are illuminated.

“Black Summer” is indeed much more serious than the parent series, therefore making it tonally probably closer to the zombie series top dog “The Walking Dead” as the loopy “Z Nation” offers a prequel but still even after the “Z Nation” – dismissal even more stories from the same universe.

When the second season “Black Summer” appears?

For the second “Black Summer” season sweep Jaime King, Justin Chu Cary and Christine Lee as the lead back – making it ever clear that the figures trio manages probably somehow to escape from the predicament at the end of Season 1 ,

Season 2 also will include eight episodes again. The shooting to be held next year in Alberta, Canada. Depending on the exact start of production the Netflix release of the new “Black Summer” episodes can be expected in the second half of 2020 or the beginning of the 2021st

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