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ESA is losing out to lunar dust. The search for material for space suits is ongoing

One of the biggest challenges for astronauts going to the moon will be the talc-like regolith that covers most of our natural satellite's surface. This is the result of millions of years of operation of micrometeorites (i.e. meteorites less than 0.1 mm in diameter) and solar radiation, which in effect is very different from its Earth counterpart. This one is subject to erosion that smoothes the particles, while lunar particles are still razor-sharp and abrasive, and worse still electrostatic, so they stick to virtually all surfaces and have nasty chemical properties.

See how the autonomous Roborace crashed during a race on the track

In spring this year, this vehicle became the fastest autonomous vehicle in the world. The Robocar accelerated at the Elvington Airfield track in Great Britain to a dizzying speed of 281 km / h. He entered this historic feat in the Guinness Book of World Records. Roborace engineers have yet to say the last word.

6G network already in space. China launched the first satellite to succeed 5G

A few days ago, a satellite called Star Era-12 was in orbit. He was carried there by the Long March 6 rocket from the Taiyuan space facility. Scientists from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China are behind the entire project. On board the satellite are test devices that will be used to conduct the first experiments with the network of the future.

Not only the Earth, but the entire universe is experiencing its "global warming"

Astronomers at Ohio State University have conducted extensive studies of various parts of the deep space. Their aim was to find out how the temperature of gas clouds has changed over the years. The research results surprised the scientists a lot and made them think.

A new and extremely effective weapon for destroying critical electronics has been developed

During the IEEE Symposium on Security

The Dragon-2 capsule took four astronauts into orbit. This is a historic event

Originally, the launch was supposed to take place on November 15, but it was postponed by 24 hours due to unfavorable weather in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The SpaceX barge, Just Read The Instruction, had problems reaching the designated location where the first Falcon-9 rocket would try to land on it. We now know that this maneuver has been successfully completed.

These are the global "garbage collectors". See the ranking of companies that produce the most waste

Unfortunately, the leaders of the ranking remain unchanged this year. The first places are: Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Nestle and Unilever. It is the products of these concerns that most often do not end up in the bin, but end up wherever they can. In 2020, volunteers collected a total of 346,494 pieces of plastic packaging in 55 countries around the world.