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A graphene memristor was created, which is the future of biomimetic computers

Modern data processing is digital, based on two states, zero one or on / off, while analog computers have many possible states - it's like the difference between turning the world on and off and using a dimmer that allows many different degrees of light. Neuromorphic, or brain-inspired engineering, has been the subject of research for over 40 years, but is only now starting to come to the fore as we are starting to hit the limits in digital processing and we increasingly need fast image processing, for example for autonomous cars. \"We have powerful computers, no doubt, but the problem is we have to store the memory in one place and process it in another,\" explains Saptarshi Das, a Penn State professor.

See how the autonomous Roborace crashed during a race on the track

In spring this year, this vehicle became the fastest autonomous vehicle in the world. The Robocar accelerated at the Elvington Airfield track in Great Britain to a dizzying speed of 281 km / h. He entered this historic feat in the Guinness Book of World Records. Roborace engineers have yet to say the last word.

The Dragon-2 capsule took four astronauts into orbit. This is a historic event

Originally, the launch was supposed to take place on November 15, but it was postponed by 24 hours due to unfavorable weather in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The SpaceX barge, Just Read The Instruction, had problems reaching the designated location where the first Falcon-9 rocket would try to land on it. We now know that this maneuver has been successfully completed.

The new electrolysis device will allow the extraction of hydrogen and oxygen from the salt water of Mars

Consequently, engineers at Washington University in St. Louis decided to develop a new electrolysis device that would turn Martian salt water into oxygen for breathing and hydrogen for propulsion. Because, as many of us remember from school, electrolysis of water is the process of decomposing a water molecule under the influence of an electric current into hydrogen and oxygen, which can then be used for other purposes. Therefore, it should be a solution that allows astronauts on site to obtain oxygen for breathing and hydrogen fuel at the same time, but ... this solution does not work very well with salt water, which is exactly what is found on Mars.

A hacker broke into the settings of Tesla's autonomous vehicles and revealed interesting features

Well known to all Tesla fans, the hacker named Green decided to upload on his Twitter profile screenshots of his hacking into the internal settings of the Tesla autonomous system developer FSD (Full Self Drive). It turns out that there are very interesting information hidden there that the company did not want to disclose.

The code of the famous serial killer Zodiac has finally been broken… after 51 years

The zodiac is a nickname given to himself by the murderer prowling around San Francisco in the late 60's and 70's of the last century. Most likely, it comes from the name of a Swiss watchmaking company, because the killer used a symbol resembling the company's logo. The man confessed to murdering 37 people (5 victims could be confirmed), was never caught and became famous for letters sent to the press, with encrypted messages attached to them. And while the police had several types, Arthur Leigh Allen being the most serious, in the end no one was charged, and it took over 50 years to completely decode the Zodiac code.